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Owen’s Bucket List: Running in a Field

Owen, running at my parents’ house, before the cart . . .

Running looks very different now, although he still manages.


Owen’s Bucket List: Play with Kids

I will admit this is a loose interpretation of play with kids.  When I selected this one for the list I forgot a key point.  You see, Owen does not play.

But he does enjoy children, which is kind of surprising because he typically avoids things that are loud and move unpredictably.  At the birthday party of a friend’s son this summer he surprised me by not being miserable.  In fact, he seemed to enjoy himself.  Maybe it was the pirate theme.  Pirates are jolly.  Owen likes pirates.

Owen particularly enjoyed the little one above, he was covered in frosting.  Although he did try to take the leash and walk Owen.

It is not every day you meet a dog taller then you little guy.

Owen’s Bucket List: Going Swimming

In our quest to complete Owen’s Bucket List he went swimming at Lake Ozonia.

Even if Owen did not have hip dysplasia I would have wanted to take him swimming.  So many dogs enjoy it and I thought he should get the chance to try it out.  But since he does have hip dysplasia I was really hoping he would love it so he could have that as a way to exercise without stressing his joints.

He did not exactly love it.

It took a lot of coaxing to get Owen out into the water.  I tried to call him into the water but he was no fool and was not touching that wet stuff.  So I had to put the leash on and lead him out.

He was scared and we went slow.  It was a nice sandy beach that slowly led out into the water, so I was not worried about him tripping or getting too scared.  It really was the perfect set-up to try this.

When he could not put his feet down he did get scared – but he swam!  I was so excited and I had him paddle a bit, and then I took the leash off him so he could paddle freely.

Well after he was off the leash Owen paddled freely right back to shore.

He did not have a problem outdistancing me, but I was pretty busy laughing.

I stayed in the water thinking he may be convinced to come back out.

Owen did not come back out, instead he hid behind a tree and would not come near me for an hour.

Clearly whatever he is mixed with it is not Labrador Retriever.

On the balcony with Ella . . .

What is out here?

Why is that lady yelling at me to get back inside – I can see the birds so much better from here?

Remove me from the balcony railing will you? I will seek my revenge.

She cannot watch all the time, she will get lazy, and I will have freedom once more.

Act casual, she is distracted by Facebook and will soon forget you are out here.

I am the good cat.

She is still watching me, time to change strategies.

I want nothing to do with this.

Why oh why is my life so hard! I just want to go stare at birds on a tiny, tiny ledge!

Life is just not worth living, I might as well end it all.

Good-bye everyone, if I cannot live in a world that is free, I will not live at all.

She’s so dramatic, just enjoy the sun and the catnip.

Did someone say catnip?

***No cats were harmed in the making of this post, although I got scratched a few times trying to keep Ella inside the balcony.***