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Sunday Dinner with Owen

Now that the family is dog-less, Owen has been coming to Sunday dinner.

He has been enjoying the time at his grandparent’s.

And enjoying the chance to wander a yard, without a leash.

It is nice having a dog in the old house again, even if he is just visiting.


Owen’s Bucket List: Play in the Snow

Full disclosure, Owen hates snow.

I think this one was inspired by my childhood, and the memories I have of snow days outside with the dogs.  Sadly, no more snow days, although Owen is actually okay with that.

This is what happened when I tried to make Owen play in the snow.

This is the face of a dog who does not like snow.

Lady, why do you hate me?

Are we done yet?


I’m leaving.

He quickly retreated into the house to glare.

So we modified this one just a bit.  Instead of playing in the snow, it is hiking in the snow, and instead of snow, it is a frozen lake.  Owen, the boyfriend and I went hiking on Lake Ozonia in February, and it was simply beautiful.  No words needed.

Craving Peace

Very much missing the Adirondacks this morning, walking the dog I just felt awkward holding the leash.  Owen and I were both wishing it was not necessary.   I promised him we will be there soon.

On the balcony with Ella . . .

What is out here?

Why is that lady yelling at me to get back inside – I can see the birds so much better from here?

Remove me from the balcony railing will you? I will seek my revenge.

She cannot watch all the time, she will get lazy, and I will have freedom once more.

Act casual, she is distracted by Facebook and will soon forget you are out here.

I am the good cat.

She is still watching me, time to change strategies.

I want nothing to do with this.

Why oh why is my life so hard! I just want to go stare at birds on a tiny, tiny ledge!

Life is just not worth living, I might as well end it all.

Good-bye everyone, if I cannot live in a world that is free, I will not live at all.

She’s so dramatic, just enjoy the sun and the catnip.

Did someone say catnip?

***No cats were harmed in the making of this post, although I got scratched a few times trying to keep Ella inside the balcony.***

Not that I recall . . .

Recalls are scary, so I will start by asking everyone to please check your food and make sure it is safe for you and your pet and familiarize yourself with the symptoms of salmonella.

But then I am going to admit this one does not have me that worried. Salmonella I can handle.

The recall that I cannot forget happened in 2007. More brands then I can remember were recalled because it was discovered that production plants in China were adding melamine to the wheat gluten. This was causing liver damage and death in a lot of animals. Ella was on a recalled food but I had thrown out all the packaging, so even though she was acting fine we went straight to the vet. Her liver was fine. I was one of the lucky ones, and I immediately started researching food and saving the UPCs of my food.

I will admit to spending a certain amount of time on the CraigsList discussion boards. I was a semi-regular in the ‘Pets’ section and turned there for information when all this went down. It was chaos: I learned some, I met a lot of trolls, I got lectured about the evils of corporate america, I was told if I did not feed raw I was a horrible person, and I realized the internet is a crazy place. But I had some options and I started figuring out what would work for me and my cat. We ended up on Blue Buffalo Wilderness. I selected it because Blue Buffalo was a small company and very dedicated to long-term health. Plus my cat loved it, still loves it actually. At the time I could not find a wet food she would eat that I approved of, so we went without for years. I recently did start feeding wet again, after coming off phenobarbitol Ella suddenly became more willing to eat things (and more willing to steal them off my plate). I go between Blue Buffalo, Wellness and Purina Pro-Plan. Ella requires gravy to be interested and I would rotate to give the cats a variety (and based on my budget).

If you change my food I will bite you . . .

When I added a dog (Owen) I stuck with Blue Buffalo. Many midnight potty breaks helped me realize that Owen cannot tolerate chicken so we had to have lamb. Blue Buffalo was actually one of the few lamb based foods that did not also include chicken fat or broth so I stuck with the brand. The cats were thriving, Owen was not. On the lamb he was doing better but he was not as regular as I would like. So after a bout of diarrhea last month and finding out that grains are inflamatories I went out and got a grain free food. The quest for affordable and chicken free brought me to Taste of the Wild. We did a slow transition but I immediately saw the effects – Owen was doing so much better intestinally and with his energy. I was excited. And then I found out about the recall.

Sigh. At first I thought I was back to square one, I had five minutes of feeling sorry for myself and blaming the company. Then I asked why was I upset? Owen was fine, I was fine, clearly our bag was not contaminated. If it is not broken, why fix it? Yes, the food was recalled. Yes, salmonella is not fun and can be dangerous. Yes, the plant needs to improve some practices. But was I leaving the brand because of me or because of Owen? Owen did well on the food, Owen liked the food, if it was up to Owen he would keep eating it. Of course Owen also likes to eat chicken wing bones that he finds on the street. Taste of the Wild is a good company overall and they are sending me a refund – is it worth jumping ship or should I stick around for that free bag of food?

Of course if allowed Owen will also eat yarn . . .

I did the research, found out salmonella risk to animals is small because the bacteria in their systems is made to kill off things like that, and that none of the food I was feeding had actually tested positive for salmonella. Animals who are young, or old, or have a compromised immune system are at more of a risk but Owen is none of those things, and Owen is thriving. I am probably more at risk then my pets. Can I forgive the mistake? I think I can.

Everyone has to make their own decision but I am sticking with Taste of the Wild for now. Of course now I have to figure out where to get a new bag!

Apparently I am not getting a ferret.

From: Alissa

To: Aaron
Sent: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 11:13 PM
Subject: Fw: Ferret

You could have gotten me a ferret while picking up Indy!


—– Forwarded Message —–
From: “D” 
Sent: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 6:10 PM
Subject: Ferret

If anyone is interested…….there is a ferret (male, 4 mos) available for adoption at the Vet Clinic in Troy.
My daughter works there and asked me to send! Sorry, I don’t know the adoption fee.



From: Aaron
To: Alissa 
Sent: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 11:26 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Ferret

Yes, I passed on the ferret because I don’t hate Owen.


 At least he admitted he does not hate my dog . . .