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Owen’s Bucket List: Running in a Field

Owen, running at my parents’ house, before the cart . . .

Running looks very different now, although he still manages.


Sunday Dinner with Owen

Now that the family is dog-less, Owen has been coming to Sunday dinner.

He has been enjoying the time at his grandparent’s.

And enjoying the chance to wander a yard, without a leash.

It is nice having a dog in the old house again, even if he is just visiting.

Owen’s Bucket List: Play in the Snow

Full disclosure, Owen hates snow.

I think this one was inspired by my childhood, and the memories I have of snow days outside with the dogs.  Sadly, no more snow days, although Owen is actually okay with that.

This is what happened when I tried to make Owen play in the snow.

This is the face of a dog who does not like snow.

Lady, why do you hate me?

Are we done yet?


I’m leaving.

He quickly retreated into the house to glare.

So we modified this one just a bit.  Instead of playing in the snow, it is hiking in the snow, and instead of snow, it is a frozen lake.  Owen, the boyfriend and I went hiking on Lake Ozonia in February, and it was simply beautiful.  No words needed.

Owen’s Bucket List: Play with Kids

I will admit this is a loose interpretation of play with kids.  When I selected this one for the list I forgot a key point.  You see, Owen does not play.

But he does enjoy children, which is kind of surprising because he typically avoids things that are loud and move unpredictably.  At the birthday party of a friend’s son this summer he surprised me by not being miserable.  In fact, he seemed to enjoy himself.  Maybe it was the pirate theme.  Pirates are jolly.  Owen likes pirates.

Owen particularly enjoyed the little one above, he was covered in frosting.  Although he did try to take the leash and walk Owen.

It is not every day you meet a dog taller then you little guy.

Owen’s Bucket List – Steak

Owen is a lucky dog, and not jut because he lives with me.

He also lives with the boyfriend, and the boyfriend, unlike me, eats meat.  Owen loves the boyfriend.  He especially loves the boyfriend when the boyfriend finds an old T-Bones in the freezer and decides they are too old for him to eat, but still okay for the dog.

Owen was moving so fast he was a blur on camera.

So I took video.

One item more item off the bucket list!

Owen’s Bucket List: Going Swimming

In our quest to complete Owen’s Bucket List he went swimming at Lake Ozonia.

Even if Owen did not have hip dysplasia I would have wanted to take him swimming.  So many dogs enjoy it and I thought he should get the chance to try it out.  But since he does have hip dysplasia I was really hoping he would love it so he could have that as a way to exercise without stressing his joints.

He did not exactly love it.

It took a lot of coaxing to get Owen out into the water.  I tried to call him into the water but he was no fool and was not touching that wet stuff.  So I had to put the leash on and lead him out.

He was scared and we went slow.  It was a nice sandy beach that slowly led out into the water, so I was not worried about him tripping or getting too scared.  It really was the perfect set-up to try this.

When he could not put his feet down he did get scared – but he swam!  I was so excited and I had him paddle a bit, and then I took the leash off him so he could paddle freely.

Well after he was off the leash Owen paddled freely right back to shore.

He did not have a problem outdistancing me, but I was pretty busy laughing.

I stayed in the water thinking he may be convinced to come back out.

Owen did not come back out, instead he hid behind a tree and would not come near me for an hour.

Clearly whatever he is mixed with it is not Labrador Retriever.

Owen’s Bucket List

A few months ago I read a bucket list made for Dory a dog who spent most of her life tied to a barn, with an old cushion and water she shared with the rats.  The family wanted to make up for all the things in life she missed out on, and it was sad and beautiful and wonderful.   And I realized my own dog needed a bucket list of his own.

Owen, then called Max, at the CACC in NYC

Owen was picked up as a stray from NYC, was diagnosed as geriatric and emaciated, and was going to end his live in a busy, overcrowded shelter.  Except he didn’t.  Instead his picture caught the eye of two people I will forever be grateful to.   They decided that Owen would be pulled by Peppertree Rescue with the idea that if he got better he would find a home and if he did not get better then at least he would have a nice bed to sleep in, and a big greasy cheeseburger before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  They wanted to give him the chance to end his life with dignity and that is why I love Peppertree Rescue.  But Owen’s life did not end, instead he is living a second life with me.  And we are both lucky to have that chance.

Owen, his first week with me.

Once I adopted Owen I started a mental list of all the things I wanted Owen to do, and all the things he had done that I was happy he got to do.  It started getting too long to remember in my head, and the fun of achieving those small goals was too much to keep to myself.  So I am sharing it, and will be sharing pictures of several of his experiences.

Owen’s Bucket List

Being a Dog

  • 1. Be off leash, in a field – DONE
  • 2. Steal a hot dog
  • 3. Go hiking – DONE
  • 4. Go for a car ride with his head out the window
  • 5. Have a yard of his own
  • 6. Have a companion dog
  • 7. Play with another dog – DONE
  • 8. Play with a toy
  • 9. Play in the snow – DONE (kind of)
  • 10. Play with a kid – DONE
  • 11. Snuggle on the bed
  • 12. Chase something
  • 13. Make a paw print

Fun and Adventure

  •  14. Run for the fun of it
  • 15. Go hiking off leash – DONE
  • 16. Go camping
  • 17. Go the Adirondacks – DONE
  • 18. Climb a peak – DONE
  • 19. Go to three state parks
  • 20. Go swimming – DONE
  • 21. Ride on a boat – DONE
  • 22. Go on a road trip – DONE
  • 23. Go to a bonfire – DONE (kind of)
  • 24. Win a confrontation with the cats.
  • 25. Get a picture in front of the Christmas tree
  • 26. Go trick-or-treating – DONE
  • 27. Visit a farm
  • 28. Visit a nursing home
  • 29. Meet cows

Being Spoiled

  • 30. Have a birthday party
  • 31. Have a Christmas stocking of his own
  • 32. Go to a dog friendly restaurant
  • 33. Stay in a dog friendly hotel/motel/Bed and Breakfast
  • 34. Have his portrait taken professionally
  • 35. Have his story told
  • 36. Talk to an Animal Communicator
  • 37. Do breed analysis.


  • 38. Have a steak, all to himself – DONE
  • 39. Eat a cheeseburger – DONE
  • 40. Have a big old marrowbone – DONE
  • 41. Have ice cream
  • 42. Have a birthday cake

Being a Good Dog

  • 43. Get his canine good citizen – DONE
  • 44. Get his therapy dog certification
  • 45. Tell the CACC he is okay, and thank them


  • 46. Enjoy a roaring fire on a cold day
  • 47. Belly rubs, lots and lots of belly rubs
  • 48. Get a massage
  • 49. Get reiki
  • 50. Be pain-free