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Sunday Dinner with Owen

Now that the family is dog-less, Owen has been coming to Sunday dinner.

He has been enjoying the time at his grandparent’s.

And enjoying the chance to wander a yard, without a leash.

It is nice having a dog in the old house again, even if he is just visiting.


Owen’s Bucket List: Play in the Snow

Full disclosure, Owen hates snow.

I think this one was inspired by my childhood, and the memories I have of snow days outside with the dogs.  Sadly, no more snow days, although Owen is actually okay with that.

This is what happened when I tried to make Owen play in the snow.

This is the face of a dog who does not like snow.

Lady, why do you hate me?

Are we done yet?


I’m leaving.

He quickly retreated into the house to glare.

So we modified this one just a bit.  Instead of playing in the snow, it is hiking in the snow, and instead of snow, it is a frozen lake.  Owen, the boyfriend and I went hiking on Lake Ozonia in February, and it was simply beautiful.  No words needed.

Owen’s Bucket List: Play with Kids

I will admit this is a loose interpretation of play with kids.  When I selected this one for the list I forgot a key point.  You see, Owen does not play.

But he does enjoy children, which is kind of surprising because he typically avoids things that are loud and move unpredictably.  At the birthday party of a friend’s son this summer he surprised me by not being miserable.  In fact, he seemed to enjoy himself.  Maybe it was the pirate theme.  Pirates are jolly.  Owen likes pirates.

Owen particularly enjoyed the little one above, he was covered in frosting.  Although he did try to take the leash and walk Owen.

It is not every day you meet a dog taller then you little guy.

Owen’s Bucket List – Steak

Owen is a lucky dog, and not jut because he lives with me.

He also lives with the boyfriend, and the boyfriend, unlike me, eats meat.  Owen loves the boyfriend.  He especially loves the boyfriend when the boyfriend finds an old T-Bones in the freezer and decides they are too old for him to eat, but still okay for the dog.

Owen was moving so fast he was a blur on camera.

So I took video.

One item more item off the bucket list!

Owen’s Bucket List: Give a Dog a Bone . . .

I had a long day away from home planned, so I left Owen with a treat.

I watched him carry it around the house, trying to figure out where it would be safe from those evil cats.

Eventually he settled in and enjoyed it.

I did warn him that if I came home to find it in the couch, or in my laundry, he would never get one again.

Nothing beats a frozen raw marrow bone for making a dog happy . . . $3 got me three bones, two are waiting in the freezer and when this one is empty I will probably fill it with some wet food and freeze it again.

Roasted Black Figs with Cheese

It is fig season, and everyone seems to be excited about this.  I have only had figs in Fig Newtons, but I really like Fig Newtons, so I thought I should buy some.  I blame the atmosphere of Trader Joe’s, it makes me feel like anything is possible and everything is a good idea!

I went with the Black Figs, I had bought some Green Figs before and they went bad before I could do anything with them, I figured maybe I would have better luck with the black ones.

Apparently they are supposed to be a bit firm when you buy them, but not too firm.  The stems should not give too easily.  Once they are picked they do not ripen, they only rot, which is why they are uncommon in stores.  Of course these were tightly packaged so I had to guess as to whether they were ripe or not.

Mine were ripe for the most part, although I think I was too worried about them being mushy and threw away a few that would have been nice and sweet.  Live and learn!  I had read up on a few ways to prepare them when I had the green ones.  It seemed like all the recipes involved roasting.  One suggested roasting with a little honey and having on top of Greek yogurt.  Another involved goat cheese and bacon.  Since it was dinner time and I did not have yogurt, but I did have cheese, I went with cheese.

I preheated the oven to 350 degrees and then sliced the figs so they would look like flowers.

Then I filled them with cheese, I did half with goat cheese, and half with brie.  I probably should have pre-cooked the figs I filled with brie a little, since the brie has a higher fat content and would melt much faster, and get messy.  But since I was using parchment paper to line the tray I was not that worried about melted cheese.

In about 15 minutes I smelled them, and they smelled delicious.

I probably could have drizzled some honey on them before or after the roasting, but it was not necessary.  I had done something similar with dates and the dates were so sweet I was worried about adding too much sweetness to the figs.

They were delicious.  I am a huge fan of brie and thought those would be my favorite, but I actually enjoyed the goat cheese ones more.  I do wish I had added another savory element to them though, either turkey bacon or maybe an herb?

Either way I really enjoyed them, next time I do think I will only do goat cheese, and I will try adding some turkey bacon, either as a crumble or to wrap around them.  And then a drizzle of honey?  I may have to go back to Trader Joe’s.

The Great Schaghticoke Fair

It is a yearly tradition to go to the fair with the family, it always falls on my mother’s birthday weekend so it is how we celebrate . . . with fried food and farm animals.

This farm animal enjoyed crowing at my brother, I liked her.

I always love the chickens with crazy hair.

A lady walking by said this one reminded her of Phyllis Diller, may she rest in peace (Phyllis, not the chicken).

This rooster was a champion, and he knew it.

This one is named Daphne, she is pretty.

This little guy had a lot to say.

Prettiest peacock I have ever seen.

Mom made a friend . . .

My friend is bigger though . . . meet Briggs, the ox.

And this is Clem.

Someday I will have my own, and I will name them Sunny and Cher.

Now, on to the fair food.

No fair experience is complete without fair fries.  Fair fries are fresh cut fries, and they are hard to find.  There is usually at least one place making them and I have been fooled before, so I surveyed the land before deciding what fries to buy.  I knew I found the right place when the guy downsold me and told me the small was more then enough for two – he was right.

I was too busy eating to photograph.

The fried dough, now that was a piece of art, and that deserved a photograph – delicious.

Unfortunately Aaron could not come, but I found something that let me know he was there in spirit.  Maple syrup in a decorative bottle, a loon decorative bottle.