On the balcony with Ella . . .

What is out here?

Why is that lady yelling at me to get back inside – I can see the birds so much better from here?

Remove me from the balcony railing will you? I will seek my revenge.

She cannot watch all the time, she will get lazy, and I will have freedom once more.

Act casual, she is distracted by Facebook and will soon forget you are out here.

I am the good cat.

She is still watching me, time to change strategies.

I want nothing to do with this.

Why oh why is my life so hard! I just want to go stare at birds on a tiny, tiny ledge!

Life is just not worth living, I might as well end it all.

Good-bye everyone, if I cannot live in a world that is free, I will not live at all.

She’s so dramatic, just enjoy the sun and the catnip.

Did someone say catnip?

***No cats were harmed in the making of this post, although I got scratched a few times trying to keep Ella inside the balcony.***


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